"Go ye into all the world..."

The purpose of this website is to encourage other Christians to share their faith. To preach the Gospel to the lost and to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ.

Our History

NYC Street Preachers

The ministry of New York City Street Preachers started with an invitation in 1969. A Christian brother named Dale Bertolovitz asked brothers Grant Morrison and Phil Morrison if they would go to NYC for a street preachers' meeting. Grant and Phil accepted the challenge, and made their first trip from the 2nd Kent Baptist Church to the streets of New York City in January 1970. Although it was a very cold winter night, many people were there to witness and preach. Among the volunteers that night were Dale Bertolovitz, Ken Nelson, Larry Nelson, Lynn Tompkins, Dick Golz, Grant and Phil, as well as some people from St. Paul's House. Grant and Phil were hooked. The rest is history.

Eddie The Eagle

Over the years many other people joined in this street ministry. Among them were John Skjerli, Kris Skjerli, Richie Skjerli, Moses, Eric Johnson, Patrick O'Toole, Sean O'Toole, Chuck Yohe, George Bucci, Rich Dywer, Randy Lawrence, Terry Lewis, Bob Commerford, Bob Forrest, Bob Wisor, Bob Butteglione, Don Biro, Creighton Dunlap, Isadore Malberger, Rick Kaplan, Marty Guss, Veronica , Julie Baker, Daniel Siegel, Patrick Ivory, Brian Canfield, Clifford Smith, Donald Priggie, Richard Mc Dermott, Dave Olsen, Roger Perry, Lynne Gaffney, John Redman, Geoffery Brennan, Larry Flores, and more people from St. Paul's House. Youth groups from Fishkill Baptist Church & 2nd Kent Baptist Church came to help in the work as well. The ministry grew.

At first, the New York City Street Preachers would go to New York City on Friday nights after work. Then street meetings were held on Saturdays instead of Fridays, or on Sunday afternoons, and even on some workdays. In the mid 1970's, a lot of time was spent in the Bronx on the Grand Concourse and Fordham Road. But most of the time, the New York City Street Preachers were in Mid-town Manhattan. The ministry was on the move.

Many people heard the New York City Street preachers as they passed by their meetings. Many would stop and listen. Many would stop to talk. The street preachers would encourage those who wanted to join a fellowship to go to St. Paul' s House or the Calvary Baptist Church. The ministry was there for people, and continues to be today.

A word from Phil Morrison:

The years have been great and the Lord has blessed. Persecution was heavy in the 1970's. People were more open in the 1980's. People were indifferent in the 1990s. People would just ignore us! Then the Lord moved us to have an international outreach in the 2000s. This phase of the ministry's outreach has been the greatest. People from at least three hundred ethnic groups live in New York City. Ethnic New Yorkers and foreign tourists are gladly accepting our ministry. We are reaching them with literature in their own languages, sharing the Gospel. New York City Street Preachers has been able to reach people from many nations in Times Square. By using a tool called the evangecube (show & tell) we explain the gospel message in the languages of French, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic & Hindi.

One-half billion people pass thru Times Square 24/7-365 days a year. What a mission field! That is why Jesus said greater works you will do. So let's do the work explained in his prophetic word.
Phil M.

Finding your own language.

Don Biro preaching.

Phil, Dick, Grant, Don and Don - 42nd St.

1980-Phil preaching 47th & Broadway.